Manila Bay Massive Cleanup and Transformation

Manila Bay, Philippines was heavily affected by the recent monsoon season and the previously well known beautiful beach turned in to a garbage covered shore.


In case you don't know, while manila bay is famous as a tourist spot and travel destination. The water are always infested with filth and apparently it was 100 million times over the safe limit for swimming.

On 27 January 2019, The rehabilitation of Manila Bay has been officially started with 5,000 of volunteers by Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The cleanup operation also nicknamed as "The Battle for Manila Bay" has cleaned up up to 45 tonnes of garbage just by the first day of cleanning up.

The overall operation cost up to 46 billion in Philippines currency (approx. RM3.5 billion) by handling multiple polluted provinces, mainly Manila Bay.

Until recently, it was once again open to the public.

The once contaminated waters and eyesore of nature have transformed into a rubbish-free beach that worth calling gem of philippines.

The goverment had pledged to maintain this project on a weekly basis instead of an one-off event. This is to ensure everyone able to enjoy the beautiful gem of philippines.

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