Peruvian Diver’s Body “Inflated” after a quick ascend

Ever wonder what happens when you quickly ascended from the underwater?


Alejandro Ramops Martinez, a shellfish diver from Peruvian who dives into water for seafood as his career. The incident happens when alejandro dived 30 meters deep and somehow surfaced too quickly.

Alejandro's "inflated" body

This end up having his body especially biceps, chest and stomach area to bulge up which resulting the abnormal "inflated" body.

It is not known to the doctors where this is incident is a rare occurence as his body bloat up so suddenly without being fatal instantly. However, it was last known where his body have already removed up to 30% of nitrogen with pressurised chamber treatment.

We do hope Alejandro get well soon as he make a living through seafood diving.


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